A genuine wood top layer

There’s nothing like the real thing. That's why the top layer of Shinnoki is a jointed veneer sheet, put together using our mixmatch technique. To make sure we have something for every taste, we asked the trendwatchers. They have ensured we can offer a selection of trendy colours and structures.

Every variant in our product range emphasizes the natural structure of the wood, by first brushing and then staining each individual sheet. The production method gives the PANELS more structure than the PLY. The result is visible and perceptible: this is real wood.

SHINNOKI PLY is made of 3 layers of wood veneer. That means it is both sturdy and relatively flexible. SHINNOKI PLY can be glued onto any baseboard. No further finishing is then needed. The best way to glue it is shown on www.shinnoki.com. The video showing you how to do it illustrates the two possible ways of gluing 3-PLY: with a cold press or with contact adhesive.

SHINNOKI PANELS are made up of a top layer of veneer, an 11/16” MDF core and a balance layer on the back for stability. This range of wood veneer panels does not need any further finishing. There is almost no limit to the ways it can be used - from kitchens to wardrobes in the home market, and from offices to bars or restaurant furnishings in the project market.


These panels are finished the same on both sides with the Shinnoki design. They have a protective transparent foil layer that is simple to remove.


These boards are finished on one side with the Shinnoki design. The top layer has a protective foil sheet that is simple to remove. To guarantee the stability, a balance veneer is needed. We chose B-quality beech veneer* for this. It is finished with 2 layers of varnish to protect it perfectly against moisture. The single-sided Shinnoki is designed for applications where only one side of the panel is visible.

* Sometimes your delivery may also contain a double-sided panel. In this case, the side that does not have the protective foil is the back.

For seamless edge finishing, you can choose from our range of edge bandings in various colours and styles. For example, we have 3/64" ABS strips and 1/32" veneer strips.

What is mixmatch?

Mixmatch is a technique in which we joint wood veneer sheets together that come from different trees and have been cut in different ways. The effect is to give it the natural appearance of solid wood. When a continuous surface is created using different boards, there are no visual breaks in the pattern. Just as with solid wood, every board is different, but they still belong together. The result is a finished sheet with a lively look and uniform quality.

Shinnoki product construction Shinnoki product construction Shinnoki product construction Shinnoki product construction