Being an environmentally friendly business is much more than just a fad

As a leading manufacturer of veneerbased products with a number of branches in Europe, we at Decospan are aware of our responsibilities in terms of our environmental impact. Respect for nature and ecologically sound business practices are no longer trendy or an original way of making your company stand out from the crowd: for us, it has become an unconditional basic principle. Like any company that respects itself and its environment, we are aware of the importance of considering the future and being aware of the environment when doing business. Themes such as being CO2 neutral, using water carefully, thinking carefully about mobility, renewable energy and recyclable materials are therefore part of our everyday way of doing things. Because we are aware of our responsibilities in terms of our environmental footprint, we make agreements with all our suppliers that we will only purchase wood products from sustainably managed forests and woodland.

Thinking of the environment

We are also conscious of the environment in the way we run our fleet vehicles. For instance, some of them are electric vehicles and we make sure that the others have the lowest possible CO2 emission figures


We need heat when gluing the veneer layer onto the board. We get that from burning our waste wood - a form of recycling that reduces our environmental footprint considerably.

12 types of wood are FSC certified

We check all the raw materials that we use for the Shinnoki product range thoroughly before buying. For instance, the wood comes exclusively from responsibly managed sources. Our parent company Decospan was the first FSC certified wood processing company. On top of that, we have adopted our own Pure Wood Charter. You can read more about that on

  • All our veneers are FSC certified, except for Shadow Macassar, Sand Ash, Midnight Ash, Tempered Fraké and Dusk Fraké. These types of wood come from areas where the FSC is not active, but our suppliers have all accepted our Pure Wood Charter. More information is available on
  • Our MDF base boards are FSC certified (MIX 70%).

Produced without addition of urea-formaldehyde

The glues, stains and varnishes that we use to make Shinnoki do not contain urea-formaldehyde or other harmful VOCs (volatile organic compounds).
The result: better air quality in your home.

Green energy

We use exclusively green energy for the production of Shinnoki. One third of it comes from the solar panels on the roofs of our production hall. The rest is externally purchased green energy. We have also shown our commitment to sustainable energy production by participating in the “Grensland” wind farm in Menen.

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